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Diferencias entre distintos tipos de condensadores para guitarra (en Inglés)


Johnplanetz nos enseña muy bien como suenan los distintos condensadores en una guitarra: Sprague Orange Drop, K40Y-9 soviéticos, Mallory…

Y si necesitas algun condensador o capacitor para guitarra o bajo, puedes encontrarlo en mis tiendas online:

¡Un saludo a tod@s!

The Fly, Mysterious Ways… desde Dublin


The Edge prueba su setup (It Might Get Loud)


Dallas Schoo testea el setup de The Edge durante la gira PopMart


Un buen documento gráfico:

Las guitarras de The Edge y Bono en cada canción



Street Mission – Ancient Foto Strat
The Fool – Explorer
Judith – Explorer /// Boy/Girl – Explorer


Out of Control – Explorer
Stories for Boys – Explorer

Another Day – ?
Twilight – Explorer
11 O Clock Tick Tock – Explorer/Bono – Lead (Unforgettable Fire)/Irish Falcon (Elevation)
Touch – Explorer
A Day Without Me – 79 Blackie Strat/Explorer/Bono – Lead
Things to Make and Do – Explorer
I Will Follow – Explorer (Boy/October/War/The Unforgettable Fire/Joshua Tree/Elevation/Vertigo)/72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs (a show in 81′)/Clapton Strat Yellow(Lovetown)/? Zoo TV/72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs (Popmart)/ Bono – Gretsch (Elevation)
An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart – 79 Blackie Strat(Boy/October/War/Unforgettable Fire)/76 B&W Strat (Vertigo)
The Ocean – Explorer(Boy/October/War)/72 Les Paul Custom (Vertigo)
Another Time, Another Place – 79 Blackie Strat
Cry/The Electric Co. – Explorer(Boy/October/War/Explorer/Joshua Tree)/72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs (some show in 81/Vertigo)
Shadows and Tall Trees – ?


I Fall Down – 79 Blackie Strat(October)/Explorer (War)/Bono – Lead
Fire – 79 Blackie Strat
With a Shout – Sonax
Rejoice – Sonax/72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs
Gloria – 79 Blackie Strat (?)/Explorer(Red Rocks)/Clapton Strat Yellow(Lovetown)/72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs (Vertigo)
I Threw a Brick – Explorer/79 Blackie Strat
Tomorrow – ?
October – piano
Scarlet – ?
A Celebration – 79 Blackie Strat ?
Party Girl – Washburn


New Year’s Day – piano/79 Blackie Strat (War/Unforgettable Fire)/The Strat (Joshua Tree)/Clapton Strat Yellow (Lovetown)/72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs (ZooTV/Elevation/Vertigo)/Goldtop (Popmart)
Sunday, Bloody Sunday – 79 Blackie Strat (War/Unforgettable Fire/Joshua Tree?)/Goldtop (Popmart)/72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs (Popmart)White Telecaster (Elevation/Vertigo)
Seconds – Washburn
Like a Song…– ?
Two Hearts Beat as One – 79 Blackie Strat
Surrender – 79 Blackie Strat


Pride (In the Name of Love) – Blackie Strat (Unforgettable Fire/Joshua Tree ?)/Yamaha hollowbody (’86)/’76 B&W Strat (ZooTV)Sunburst Strat (Popmart/Elevation/Vertigo)
A Sort of Homecoming – Explorer
Wire – 79 Blackie Strat
The Unforgettable Fire – Natural Telecaster
Bad – 79 Blackie Strat (Unforgettable Fire)/76 B&W Strat (Joshua Tree/ZooTV/Popmart/Elevation/Vertigo)
Indian Summer Sky – 79 Blackie Strat
MLK – synth


Trip Through Your Wires – White Falcon/The Strat/Les Paul Custom ?
Womanfish – 79 Blackie Strat
Where the Streets Have No Name – 79 Blackie Strat(Joshua Tree)/The Strat (Joshua Tree)/Clapton Strat Yellow (Lovetown)/76 B&W Strat (ZooTV/Popmart/Elevation/Vertigo)/New Blackie Strat (Vertigo)
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – 57 Sunburst Strat (Joshua Tree/Lovetown/Popmart)/76 B&W Strat (ZooTV/Popmart/Vertigo)/Bono – ES175 (ZooTV) ?
With or Without You – Stratocaster w/Infinite Guitar (Joshua Tree/Lovetown)/72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs (ZooTV)/Decade (Popmart)/Native (Elevation)/Retrorocket (Vertigo)/ Bono – Acoustic (Joshua Tree)
Bullet the Blue Sky – 79 Blackie Strat (Joshua Tree)/76 B & W Strat (Joshua Tree/ZooTV/Vertigo)/Clapton Strat Yellow (Lovetown)/Goldtop (Popmart)/New Blackie Strat (Vertigo)
Running to Stand Still – piano/B&W Strat/Bono – Acoustic (Joshua Tree, looks liek a Hummingbird)/Irish Falcon (Vertigo)
In God’s Country – 72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs/Bono – Acoustic
One Tree Hill – ES335
Exit – 72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs/Bono – ES335
Mothers of the Disappeared – Washburn
Silver and Gold – 76 B & W Stratocaster
Spanish Eyes – 79 Blackie Strat
The Sweetest Thing – piano (Bono)/76 B & W Strat


Van Dieman’s Land – White Falcon (Rattle & Hum)/B & W Clapton Stratocaster (Lovetown)/ (Zoo TV ?)
Desire – White Falcon (Rattle & Hum)/Clapton Stratocaster Yellow (Lovetown)/Clapton Strat Graphetti (ZooTV)/Taylor (Popmart)/72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs (Elevation/Bomb Promo)
Hawkmoon 269 – Clapton Strat Yellow
Angel of Harlem – Rickenbacker 330-12 Fireglo (Rattle & Hum/Lovetown)Washburn (ZooTV)/Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs (Elevation)
When Love Comes to Town – ?Ibanez hollowbody? (Rattle & Hum)/72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs (Lovetown)/Washburn (ZooTV)
Love Rescue Me – Rickenbacker 330-12 Fireglo (Lovetown)/72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs (Lovetown)
God Part 2 – Clapton Strat Yellow
All I Want is You – Clapton Strat Yellow(Lovetown)/57 Sunburst Strat (Popmart)/76 B&W Strat (Elevation/Vertigo)/72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs (Vertigo)


The Fly – Clapton Stratocaster (ZooTV)/?(Popmart)/Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs (Elevation)/Variax 700 Acoustic Bomb (Vertigo)
Zoo Station – 72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs(ZooTV)/75 Les Paul Custom Black Knobs (Vertigo)
Even Better Then the Real Thing – Rickenbacker 330-12 Fireglo
One – ES330 (ZooTV)/Walnut Country Gentleman (Popmart)/(Elevation ?)/75 Les Paul Custom Black Knobs (Vertigo)/Telecaster Custom (? Special Olympics)
Until the End of the World – 72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs (ZooTV)/Goldtop
Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses – Explorer (ZooTV)/Casino (Vertigo)
So Cruel – (I think played piano if at all on this live, I have only heard the solo Bono version)
Mysterious Ways – piano/Rickenbacker 330-12 Fireglo/Mapleglo (Vertigo)
Tryin to Throw Your Arms Around the World – Washburn
Ultra Violet (Light My Way) – Explorer
Love is Blindness – 72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs


Zooropa – Les Paul Custom?
Babyface – Les Paul Custom?
Numb – 72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs
Lemon – 72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs
Stay (Faraway, So Close!) – Washburn (ZooTV)/Taylors
Daddy’s Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car – 72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs
The First Time – 76 B&W Strat
Dirty Day – 72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me – Goldtop
Miss Sarajevo – Green Country Gentleman/piano (Vertigo)


Discotheque – Decade Green/Blue (Popmart)/Decade Orange (Elevation)
Do You Feel Loved – Walnut Country Gentleman/Goldtop
MoFo – 72 Les Paul Custom Gold Knobs
If God Will Send His Angels – ?(either Goldtop or Les Paul Custom/Decade ?)
Staring at the Sun – Decade Orange (Elevation)/Taylors(Elevation)
Last Night on Earth – Goldtop
Gone – Rickenbacker 330-12 Fireglo/Rickenbacker 360-12 (Boston Elevation)
Miami – Goldtop
If You Wear That Velvet Dress – Decade
Please – Green Country Gentleman/Taylors
Wake Up Dead Man – Walnut Country Gentleman/Les Paul or beat up Stratocaster(Elevation)


Beautiful Day – Explorer
Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of – Beat Up Strat (I’ve heard conflicting years)
Elevation – ’66 SG
Walk On – 75 Les Paul Custom Black Knobs
Kite – 75 Les Paul Custom Black Knobs
In a Little While – 75 Les Paul Custom Black Knobs
Wild Honey – Taylor
New York – Explorer

The Hands That Built America – J200/keyboards


Vertigo – Metallic Blue Telecaster/Cream Telecaster
Miracle Drug – Explorer
Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own – Rickenbacker 330-12/Casino (TV show)
Love and Peace or Else – Silver Sparkle Variax 700 Acoustic
City of Blinding Lights – Walnut Country Gentleman/Green Gretsch ? (Bomb Promo)
All Because of You – Casino
Crumbs from Your Table – Casino
Orignal of the Species – piano/Casino
Yahweh – J200


11 O Clock Tick Tock – Fender Lead (Unforgettable Fire, not confirmed)/Irish Falcon (Elevation)
A Day Without Me – Fender Lead
I Fall Down – Fender Lead
With or Without You – Acoustic (Joshua Tree)
Running to Stand Still – Acoustic (Joshua Tree)/Irish Falcon (Vertigo)
In God’s Country – Acoustic (Joshua Tree)
Silver and Gold – Acoustic (Joshua Tree)
One – ES175 (ZooTV/Popmart)
Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses – ?(ZooTV)
So Cruel – ? (ZooTV)
The Fly – ES175 (Zoo TV)/Irish Falcon (Vertigo)
Staring at the Sun – Acoustic (Popmart)
Last Night on Earth – ES175 (Popmart)
Gone – ? (Popmart)/Irish Falcon (Elevation)
Walk On – Irish Falcon (Elevation)
Kite – Acoustic (Elevation)
Original of the Species – Irish Falcon (Vertigo pretour)
Love and Peace or Else – Silver Sparkle Variax 700 Acoustic