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IPS 33b Shimmer Settings



Harmony – Chromatic
Pitch (Shift) – Octave up
Detune – (L) – 7 cents (R) + 7
Level – 100
Mix – 50 % wet (or 100 % wet)
(L)/(R) balance – 50/50
Delay – (L) 350 ms (R) 175 ms
Delay regeneration – (L) 40 (R) 20
Tracking – Chord (or Normal)
Pitch Checking – Normal
Pitch Modulation – Sine
Speed – 1 hz


Alternative “Shimmer” Settings for the Digitech IPS 33B

The following settings are based on Mo’s previously posted fine work – just variations on his settings in an attempt to smooth the bump of the delay and add some sustain.  We have Scott (U2Vox) to thank for these.  These are tweaks that work well on his setup as well as mine.  If you are running the IPS in your main signal path into one amp, you may need to increase the volume/level of your delay on your main delay unit a bit.  Your results may vary.

Start w/ preset 217, “shimmer”:

Harmony Type:  Chromatic

Interval:  (L) up 1 octave, (R) up 1 octave

Detune:  (L) –7 cents, (R) 7cents

Level:  100
Mix:  Your Choice up to 100% wet

L/R Balance:  50/50

Delay Time:  3 choices:

•    You can stay w/ Mo’s suggested times (350 on lft and 175 on rt.).

•    Or you can set the left to match your main delay unit’s time and the right to ½ of the left, e.g. left at 400, right at 200.

•    Scott’s further suggestion is to, “Match your left delay to your main delay,
then multiply that by 1.33333333 and match your right delay to it, i.e.
left at 410 for WOWY main delay setting, right at 547. This essentially gives
you the main dotted eighth delay along with a delay that matches the
quarter note rhythm.”

Delay Regn:  (L) 50; (R) 49

Tracking Options:  Chord Min Delay

Pitch Modulation Menu

PM Configuration:  Separate
PM Speed:  (L) 1.0Hz; (R) 1.0 Hz
PM Depth:  L/R both 0
PM Shape:  LR both Sine

Leave the following menus’ settings as per the 217 preset:
Volume Modulation
Pitch Correction


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